Monday, October 01, 2007

Where Does the Time Go?

Has school really been in session for only a month? Is my oldest really 20 years old today? In a blink of an eye, I have gone from naps, bike rides around the neighborhood, legos on the floor to two drivers, one in college, football games with injuries and cross country meets. Instead of a faithful black lab, we now have two cats and probably two more by the end of the week. My husband and I both have Masters degrees, left jobs and have either returned to an old job and contemplating another change. From the one packard bell computer that we bought in 1994 with 4 mb of memory to 3 laptops and 2 desktops with wireless for the laptops. Our living room is now a "media room", but at least we know where our kids are at night. The Red Sox have won the World Series and the Boston Bruins along with the Celtics have become has been teams. Who would have thought? And then there are the Patriots, winning, consistently with a good quarterback. We have two girlfriends in our lives which makes life interesting. (Even if one is a lurker on my blog and should be doing her homework right NOW! Yes, I mean you....)

Somedays I wish I could go back in time to when my three boys were little and the biggest problem was which Winnie the Pooh movie we were going to watch. Just one day to relive those memories. Those were the easiest times of our lives, when the kids were small and all at home. Who said I could have a 20 year old son today? Like I told people at work today, I had him when I was in Junior high.....okay, that's a creepy thought.

Now that some of my free time is spent at Cross Country meets for the youngest and two football games/week for my middle guy who is swinging between varsity and JV, there is less time for blogging. I am still here and trying to get to other blogs. It hasn't been easy but just think of me as the blogging ghost, flitting about the internet when time permits. Now you see me, now you don't. Thank you Google Reader, blog reading has become easier.

On another note, I am not too sure about Payperpost. If you have good or bad experiences, please let me know. I have not received any information as to whether my first two posts were accepted and the one problem that I sent them two weeks ago, has not been addressed. The thoughts I am thinking, are not kind. Any ideas about that folks?


  1. And in a few years, you will wish you could hear that noise and business once again, like I do.

  2. Oh, golly, the time does fly, sweetheart. It goes faster every year. Consider BlogHer ads, girl!

  3. This was a fun post.

    Look at it this way, X-Country meets are boring to watch, they disappear into the woods for 20 minutes and then you need to yell

  4. I think I may cry! Moral here:: treasure the time I have now with my boys, it will be gone too soon!

    I did PPP for a little while. I would do everything correctly, by their specs, then get rejected and not paid. Pissed me off. Big time!

  5. Adorable photos of your kids. Yes the time flies, but only when your having fun, then you have the memories. Unless your a dim wit like me who didn't take lots of photos when my little guy was younger. I guess I still don't take as many as I should of him.

    Note to self take more family photos!

  6. I know how you feel!

    Happy birthday to your 20 yr old.

    Time seems to go so slowly and then it seems like it was actually racing along and we didn't know it. I remember when all the videos we watched were of the animated variety. Trips to the museum were a days entertainment....ahhhhh now that were wise we know we should have savored it more, but we have those memories to cherish forever!

    I`m not sure about payperpost to tell you the truth. I have done two, they have been accepted but I have not been paid yet. I am owed $25. I find all the ones I can post about are for $5 and don`t want to post about weight loss surgery etc. I check for opportunities each day and some days there are bigpayouts of $50 or more but by the time I get there of course they are all gone and I am left feeling frustrated with the whole thing.

    I honestly don`t get it and I`m about to give up soon. It just doesn`t seem worth it to sell out my beliefs for these piddly $5 postings.

    Shelly mentioned blogher ads - maybe that is a good idea. I`ll have to look into it.

  7. Happy birthday to your son. And to you, too, Mom! He couldn't have gotten this far without you. Is The Birthday Boy holding the sunglasses on his younger brother's face in that middle shot? And you remind me of one of my Big Life Questions -- do you know you're enjoying the easy times when you're in them? Or do you only see it when you look back?

  8. Happy birthday! (de-lurking...)


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