Friday, October 05, 2007

We were going to get only one kitten....

How could we not take two?
Both passed the feline leukemia tests today, but did have fleas. I went to a different vet today and I really liked the office. Probably because it was clean and everyone came out to see the kittens. They were so mellow in the crate, just hanging out without mewing up a storm. The black and white is called Blacky for now and is a female and Stashio is male. They are so freaking cute. They will stay in a bathroom for a few days and I had to put this basket in because they were sleeping together in the litter box. Our other two cats aren't very interested in what's behind the door, but we did get them some catnip mice to play with.
The older male cat is a little skittish with the smell on my hand and the older female has sniffed the door a few times.

My Dad thinks I am becoming a crazy cat lady like his Nana. Guess it would look that way, but I made my boys promise me that they would take a cat after they finish college and are out on their own. Do you really think that will happen?


  1. They are absolutely adorable!

  2. I can't let my daughter see this, she's dying for a cat or dog and her mom is too mean to give in :)

  3. They are just adorable! I might even want one --well want is different than getting one. Responsibilities I don't want beig a carefree retired lady!

  4. They are so adorable! My DD was reading this post with me and she wants one!

  5. Oh, but that photo in the basket is a heartbreaker! Look at Staschio, lounging all over his sister! I predict that when it's time for your boys to go, you'll refuse to part with the cats.


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