Saturday, June 16, 2007

Musing about crocheting and graduations

Two more days until the end of the Limerick contest and if you haven't had a chance to read the limericks submitted already, here is the quick link to the Limerick Entries. There is still time to write a limerick!

Last night I made my first granny square which came out 2 inches larger than it should be, so I will make the rest using a H crochet hook. If you have never crocheted, this is really pretty easy to do. I think I crocheted a baby afghan eons ago and a Christmas stocking for my husband over 24 years. With the tutorials available on line, it can be done. I found Crochet Cabana where there were step by step directions with pictures for making a Granny square . Shelly (This Eclectic Life) has posted the directions, now I just have to take apart a cabled sweater that I started about 10 years ago and ran out of yarn to use that yarn for the Share a Square Afghan project.

I think this is a wonderful chance for bloggers to connect beyond the internet and contribute to a good cause. I just called my Mom and mentioned the afghan, her comment was, I don't mind making squares, but I hate putting them together. ( I caught her at a bad time....they are going to a graduation party today and packing for their summer in Nova Scotia).

We have three graduation parties to go to today and our kids are off in three different directions. It's amazing how busy one's weekends can be in June. Tomorrow is Father's day and we have another graduation party tomorrow afternoon. Graduations seem bittersweet, a transition between the familiar to the unknown along with responsibilities. A time of celebrations and goodbyes. The class that graduated today at our high school was my first freshman class and I do feel bad that I didn't stay the entire four years. However, I have been able to see many of the kids at other school functions for my own kids, so I have kept up with them.

My high school graduation was held outside and we had over 700 graduating. As a parent, I can't imagine the logistics of it all. Do you remember your high school graduation? Any good stories out there about graduations? I got nothing except for the two dogs getting it on at my college graduation....


  1. Thanks J for the web site with photos, think I may be able to make one now. I'm a somewhat visual person and it sure helps for me to see the stages.

  2. Love what you said about graduations being "bittersweet." My niece graduated from junior high and I was touched and moved by how seriously she took this milestone.

  3. LOL No dogs at either of my graduations. I'm always surprised nowdays about how crazy people get in the stands, honking horns and standing to scream like it's a football game. At my son's graduation from law school, we were lined up with the camera ready to get the big moment, when the crowd in front of us all decided to stand and block the shot! Sounds like you have a busy weekend. And, it sounds like you may have plenty of yarn for making afghans! Thanks for your help in getting out the word!

  4. I just checked out the link you left for How to Make a Granny Stitch. I hope this will help me do a square. I don't want to let Shelly down... Thanks for posting this. Have a great weekend. :)


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