Thursday, June 14, 2007

Crocheting for a Cause

A hook, some yarn and a pattern to crochet
Gave bloggers the chance to make a child's day
Got some time and Love to share?
Let's follow a pattern to Spare a square
And give a sick child a smile someday

Shelly at This Eclectic Life has a great idea for bloggers to crochet squares to make blankets for children with cancer at Camp Sanguinity. She's just looking for squares and if you go over to her blog, there is even more information about the project. I love teasing Shelly about how everything is bigger in Texas, and you know, I think her heart is indeed bigger than Texas. This is great little project that once you know how to do, can be done quickly and well. Shelly has people lined up to put together the squares, we just need to make them.

Crocheting is one of the many things I can do, not well, but it's not a mystery. But here is another deep, dark secret about me.....I am left handed. Not a big deal, however, crochet patterns has never been easy for me. But I will learn how to make the granny squares for the blankets and here is the link for the pattern and we will be making small squares. Lucky for me, I work with a group of very crafty people in the lab and between them and friends, I hope to have a crochet buddy to help me.

Here's Shelly idea: "I’ve found a granny afghan pattern that is very simple. It requires 24 small squares and 6 large squares, but it could work with just 48 small squares. If I can get people to send me the crocheted squares, then I’ll ask folks in my community to put them together; I’m not shy. With every square you send, attach a signed “best wishes” card (you can give an e-mail address to the child if you want). Each afghan will be put together with squares and good wishes from at least thirty different people."

Tomorrow, I plan on getting out my bag of yarn and learning how to make the squares. Thank you Shelly! I may just try to get my Mom and crocheting friends in on it!


  1. Jen, Thank you so much! I linked back to this on the main page. I'm so hoping people will get on board with it. You are a good friend!

  2. I know you can do it! I too am asking my mom and her friends and probably the ladies who currently knit and crochet for charity here at my church.

    This is so exciting!

  3. Wish I knew how to crochet! What a great idea!

    Happy crocheting!

  4. Anonymous1:05 PM

    Thanks for linking to my limerick! If your son wants to see a picture of 5 cats sleeping together, click here.

    (I actually have 6 cats, but 5 is the most I have ever gotten in a single photo!)

    I wish I could crochet. This sounds like a great project.

  5. Great project. . . I can only do hairpin lace crochet afghans and neck scarves. I never learned to knit or crochet other things. I do a lot of counted cross stitch patterns -- gave almost everything I ever made away and wish I had kept a few for myself now tho. lol

    Good luck with the project.

  6. This sounds like so much fun, but I have no idea how to crochet!

  7. Hi Jenny - you got tagged for the 5 reasons why i blog meme :) hope you can participate!!


  8. But, wait...I didn't realize youare left-handed! That must make it rough to do...but you can handle it.

  9. I crochet- and have plenty of yarn- I will check it out!


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