Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Blog Limerick Entries

I am sharing the limericks that bloggers have written about their blogs. Now to make it even more interesting, try to guess who you think they may be. The first line of the limerick will be the link back to their blog. I will continue to add to this post, all the entries submitted. There is still time to write a limerick, up until midnight on June 17th, contest details can be found at this link.

There once was a Mama named Zen
adept with the keyboard and pen.
She blogs tawdry tales
of her daily travails
so come back and see her again!

There once was a mom near San Fran
To teach her kids she did plan
Her home was the school
Love God was the rule
To train up a fine lady and man

There once was a lady named TeaMouse

Who rambled about her noisy house
With two pets and two teens
Who all acted like princes and queens
They sent her to live in a nuthouse

The following blogger has written limericks for her blogging friends which can be found at her link!
My passion is writing in blogs
In lots of on-line monologues
Those who would read
This mountain of screed
Might say I have gone to the dogs!

A storyteller, weaver, and wife
Who is living This Eclectic Life
She’ll tell you a story,
It won’t be too gory,
In fact with humor her blog is rife.

I live in a world with a dog’s eye view
Visit my blog and I’ll share it with you
With Willow and Stella
Adventures to tell ya
Sometimes there’s even a photo or two

Postcards from life, that’s my new blog.
Considered a “photos and words” hog.
Nothing to some; memories for me.
“Photos and words”- you will see
A “marathon” just reading my daily log.

His muse is The City by the Bay

A nice guy who happens to be gay
His name is Charles
He rants and rarely snarls
Preferring to live just for today!

I am a blogger called Mo
Tho, if you are here, *that* you know!
I'm so thrilled you stopped by,
- I don't usually rhyme -
But Jen's Contest requires I do so!

I am considering the last stanza the limerick entry, but am including the entire poem which says it all about this blogger!
There once was a woman called "Mom"
Who married her sweetheart named Tom.
She had two little boys,
A and J were her joys,
They thought that their mom was da' bomb.

This woman called "Mom" was named Jen
And she tried hard to make her life zen.
But the boys drove her nuts
As they acted like mutts
And aged her by ninety and ten.

Ne'er a Dull Moment is where this gal penned
'Tis her hope that your friends you will send
For some cries and some laughs
And to read of her gaffes
All are welcome, just like an old friend.

I did ask the following blogger if she really did drive a lexus, b/c according Car Talk I thought that Moms in Texas drove Surburbans, she drives neither, but Lexus rhymes with Texas.
The was a woman who lived in Texas
She drove a very nice Lexus
All her money went to gas
She looked into a bus pass
Instead, she got a subscription to Nexus.

Another blogger who creatively wrote more than one, and I will consider the last stanza as the entry...

There was an older woman who spouted

about all the things that she doubted.
Her husband -- supposed to write, too,
found better, more fun things to do,
so, she just kept writing and pouted.


One woman equated herself
with procrastination's overfilled shelf
she plotted and schemed
and created a theme
than sat back and awaited her elf.

last but not least


My words here are tossed together
of heartache or the smells of heather
I post only a draft
not polishing my craft
words ne'r meant to be bound into leather.

Once a shy bookworm named Dew
Said, “I love books mucho beaucoup!”
So early this year
In the blogosphere
She posted her first book review

In an Alley of Twilight Sky
Lives a writer, 4 cats and his guy
His blog is his forum
For social decorum
And he invites you all to stop by

There once was a girl with perspective
Who pondered the offbeat collective.
Not a “mom blog”, per se,
At the end of the day
Witty prose is the leading objective.

The Following author wrote their whole post in limerick, very creative advertising for the contest!
There's a super fab blogger called Rock Chick

Who schmoozes her fans with some pretty good schtick
The whole world is fair game
She rants without shame
Admitting, at times, it just might be laid on “a bit” thick.

Since I discovered blogging
I am writing night and day
forgotten is the daily jogging
my brain is smoking and my hands
are getting severe writer cramps

There once were three kids with no TV.

Not one program could they ever see.

So they played and they read

And they jumped on the bed.

Mom says "Unplug your kids, that's the key!"

who juggled work, kids and her Noah's Ark each day.
in her imaginary spare time-
she would oft pen a rhyme;
for she was never at a loss for something silly to say.

There once was a woman who loved to bake cakes
I thought "I shall take a small one to my friends place"

My friend's house was huge
too bad she is a scrooge

My friend said, "To go with my cake, I think I will have a steak"

And yes, I mixed up the entries so they don't match the link list to the right, as if I didn't think you were all smart enough to figure that out. I will continue to add the limericks here and if I missed your entry, please let me know!


  1. I recognize one! It's L-squared!

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  3. I recognized a few,(and my own) but can't wait to try to match the rest to the side bar and then visit them all to see how very wrong I was!


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