Monday, February 09, 2015

2/9 Lovely Snow?

 Lovely Snow Up Close
2/9 Photograph So Lovely
Delicate / Pleasing / Pretty

This morning did not start out well, I dropped my camera with the 50 mm lens attached. I thought I had it in my hand, but it slipped out of my grasp and hit the tile floor. The lens filter was cracked and the lens was jammed on the camera. And yes, a couple of tears fell, but what can you do? I texted my friend T who I was suppose to go out take pictures with the next day and between her and my niece, it was decided that my best bet was to take it to Hunts and see what could be done. My hopes weren't too high and I did do some on-line research for a new camera. Unfortunately, my camera is being discontinued and the newest one won't be out until the end of April. Keeping my fingers crossed!

When I was grabbing my camera, I was getting all dressed up to get outside to the last day of 3 days of snow here in New England. I was going out snow shoeing in the  woods by our house. Even the dog was trying to take the easy route by walking behind us in our tracks. No macro for me with an iPhone picture, but a close up of what I sarcastically kept saying was pretty snow. Getting over it quickly here, so much. No low light picture with the iPhone, for the flickr shot, I chose this stop sign because it pretty much sums up how I feel about the snow. 

40/365 Stop! Just Stop Snowing!

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