Tuesday, February 10, 2015

2/10 Contrast

Broccoli- Green and Red Contrast
2/10 Photograph Striking
Contrast / Compelling / Impressive

Great news today! We brought the camera down to Hunts and they were able to get the lens off and the camera works! There were three guys working on it and one of them said that they would have to force the lens off, and would that be okay. My friend T spoke up and said it didn't matter, that I had already cried the day before. Sending it in to be fixed wasn't really an option at that point because the repair would not be worth it for a 4 year old camera. While I was looking at used cameras, mine was brought over without the broken lens and we tried another lens, and voila, I was back in business. I did have to buy a new f/1.8, 50 mm lens but I was lucky in that this was one of my cheapest lens. 

I took the picture of the broccoli when I got home, but after looking at the prompt, I really should have used the impressive prompt for all the snow in Massachusetts. Yes, we get a lot of snow up here, but we have less cars, wider streets and places to put the snow. It was a mess and the day before, my parents had called me to tell me not to stop by after going to Hunts, but they finally got plowed out on Monday night. Plus, they were out of milk and needed bread and bananas, so T and I went over for lunch. Their road is a mess and luckily they have nice, young man up the street who is snowplowing their driveway. 

#41/365 Low light Bell Jar

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