Sunday, February 08, 2015

2/8 Pink Pajamas

Pink Pajamas- All I got for Pink
2/8 Photograph Pink
Fuchsia / Blush / Rose

Pink is not a big color in my clothing color spectrum, but I just happened to have packed my pink top from my pajamas. No pink bottoms though, I stuck with a blue plaid bottom that one of my sons had out-grown. Got to go with comfort over style when sleeping. The suggestion for this prompt was to capture little details of your daily life, I don't think it can get much littler than this. At least it gave me an opportunity to work with the flash and the white balance in this photo because of the walls tinting the raw image. 

We left early to go home because of the weather, when I picked up my husband and brother, they were cold from skiing in the snow. Great conditions, no crowds, but very cold. Our ride home was about 30 minutes longer due to the weather and other traffic. When we got home, I worked on getting the flickr photo for the day and this week's challenge for the 365project is take low-light pictures, working with shadows versus highlights. It will be a good learning challenge for me. 
#39/365 Watching TV

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