Friday, February 06, 2015

2/6 Heart Bokeh

Heart Bokeh
2/6 Photograph I Heart MiniFigures
Lego / Macro / Cooperate

36/365 Circles - The Best Kind
Today I was getting ready to head up to Maine for the weekend with my husband and I had to work the prompt in between food shopping, cleaning and cooking. I made two loaves of bread, calzone and cookies for the weekend, so you can imagine what a mess I was creating in the kitchen. At least I got my circle picture of the day with the homemade cookies, if you can call opening an envelope and adding three ingredients homemade. It worked for me, they taste better than store bought. 

While the bread was rising, and the cookies were cooling, I set up the shot for today's prompt. I had to make a lens cover and finding black construction paper in an adult household was not going to happen. Luckily, I found a black folder that worked perfectly. The lights I thought of first was to use a small Christmas tree that we had on the porch for a background, but it was apparent that it was a tree in the shots. I then took out the set of lights from a painted wine bottle that a friend had made for me and they were red which made it even better and draped them over a red poster board.  I used a tripod to set up the shot and changed the distance between my camera, subject and the lights to get the best effect. I thought the mice were too big and I had no small figurines, so I used the red heart from earlier this week. It was tricky getting it to stand up, but with tape and then post processing in Photoshop Elements, I was able to clone out the tape.  Then had to clean up that set up along with my cooking mess, it was a busy afternoon.

Different Subjects and bokeh setup

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