Thursday, February 05, 2015

2/5 View from Inside

View from The Porch Looking through Icicles
2/5 Photograph I Heart My View
Inside / Step Back / Daily Scene

This is turning out to be daily scene, fresh, fallen snow on the driveway. The morning photos that I took out the front door were drearier looking because I couldn't see the snow and the sky was a dull, gray color.  With the above shot, at least there are icicles for interest in the shot. What you probably don't realize when looking at the pictures is that even after a night/morning of light snow, the branches don't have snow on them. It was really windy today which made for a cold snow blowing experience, I was never sure which way it was going to blow. Usually it would be right back at my face.

Before going outside, I played suzy homemaker and did chores around the house, including making bread. The recipe was from the King Arthur site and it's so easy making the dough in the bread machine and then baking it in the oven.  Then I sat in front of the nice blazing fire and finished up a hat. I was winging it at the end, since I was running out of the red yarn. The hat is suppose to have a full ribbing with a slouched, look to the top, but I like it better with the folded over ribbing. This is the pattern site, Natural Winter Kit, and tomorrow I will start the neck warmer that will be all green. 

I keep the circles picture simple for today and used bell jar tops on a white poster board.  The processing was done in Perfect Suites 9. 

36/365 #5 Kitchen Circles

Obligatory Cat picture - "No, I don't mind if you get on my lap while I am eating." At least it's his cat.

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