Wednesday, February 04, 2015

2/4 Heart in the Trees

Heart in a Leaf
2/4 Photograph I Heart Trees
Nature / Foliage / Outside

Well, I did enjoy finding the heart in the leaf outside in my yard while looking for something interesting to photograph. Enjoy the heart for a few more look again. What else do you see? A face silhouette? A coach yelling at his team? An angel praying? Or a bat? Or do you just see a leaf? After all these suggestions, do you still see the heart? A simple picture is not so simple.

The circle picture was hard today and I should have just taken another picture or perhaps put in a cat massage picture. But when you look for a specific shape, sometimes the picture jumps out and other times, you just take a picture and check, it's done. Today was a check it's done day. Circles of hell, I mean, circles in the snow blower blades. 

I had to actually go into the library today to renew my library card. I have been borrowing all my books on line, it's like the car rental commercial, I don't have to deal with people. But once I was in there, I got some book recommendations and my name was put on a list for two books. Unfortunately, I forgot to find out if they were large print. That's the beauty of reading on an iPad/kindle, the print can be adjusted. 

Dinner tonight was my own concoction of a Turkey Shephard pie with ground turkey, mushrooms, onions, Cream of Mushroom soup, frozen corn and garlic mashed potatoes. They liked it and the portions that they saved for lunch were huge. None left for me.

Obligatory Cat picture - Muffin working out Punky's Kinks.

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