Tuesday, February 03, 2015

2/3 Where I Stand

 Where I Stand on a Winter Morning (And the Obligatory Cat Picture)
2/3 Photograph I Heart Where I Stand
Outside / On The Ground / With a Friend

I had looked at the prompt the night before where I just see Where I stand on the list and did not see the other three prompts until just now. This year's Where I stand prompts are going be from this angle instead of straight down at my shoes. Guess I got 2 out of three with the picture above. I had initially started with the shot to the side, but thought it was boring, plus you could see my reflection, the orange extension cord for the outside lights and the wood frame protecting the rhododendron in the front yard. I took off the distracting socks and slippers and got the cat from his very comfortable sleeping spot to be in the picture. No cats were harmed in this picture and after his strenuous modeling session went back to his spot to sleep while I went on with my day's activities.

I went out right before noon and couldn't believe how bad the roads were for a sunny morning. The highway ramps were challenging and on some of the city roads, there was a layer of slick snow. Third storm in two weeks and they are already talking about snow removal budgets, because snow in the winter is a new phenomonen? At least I have experienced doing a 180 on the 89 ramp unlike the guy in the little car who was up on a snow bank, I now take that ramp slow.

This afternoon, I stopped by and visited with my friend who is stuck in bed with her cast. I knitted while we chatting, the three inches of ribbing for this hat is taking forever. It's the picture of the day for flickr because, it's a circle!
34/365 Knitted Circle #3

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