Monday, February 02, 2015

2/2 I Heart Blurred Background

 I Love Snow?
2/2 Photograph I Heart Blurred Backgrounds
Soften / Hazy / Indistinct

Nailed it today for the prompt. In between snowplowing the driveway twice before 2 PM, I took this wooden heart and put it on a bannister. Between the snow falling and the wide aperture, got a great, blurry background. Not a lot of color, but a great contrast for the day. Since there is a heart theme for the week, there will be more photos this week with the heart included.
33/ 365 Flickr 365 : Circles 2

For the circles picture today, I set up holiday m&m's on a white plate. Once again, wasn't sure where I would find circles outside, unless it would be all the knobs on the snowblower. I think today's snow was more than expected. I tried the snowblower early before going out snowshoeing to get the rubbish barrels up. Then I did the driveway and the street, got inside to a ringing phone. My son was calling to say that he was being let out of work at 2 PM. Of course I hadn't done that side of the driveway and when I went back out at 1 PM, there was another foot piled up at the end of the driveway. Got it all done and decided that the third time was going to happen after the snow finally ended! 

It was a beautiful morning for snowshoeing and as long as the dog stayed off our snowshoes, it was great exercise.
Snowshoeing in the morning and Snowfall amount this afternoon

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