Monday, February 23, 2015

2/23 Winter to Spring Growth

 Winter to Spring Growth - Lilac Buds
2/23 Photograph Potential
Expectation / Prepare / Growth

When I read the prompt for the day, I knew what the subject would be, but the question was,  how close I would be able to get to the buds? With all this snow and cold, spring will happen as scheduled. 

To show how much processing takes place through Lightroom 5 I included the picture to the left.  It is the original RAW file from the camera. With Lightroom, I increased the exposure and cropped the picture with changes to contrast, shadows, vibrance and clarity. The picture was then brought into  Perfect Photo Suite 9 for a glow effect. 

54/365 Cat on the Floor
We finally had a sunny day which helped melt more of the ice on the roof. As the drops of water fell on the steps, there were drops' reflections on the floor which were intriguing to Stash. I used this picture for the Flickr, Rat Eye View.

In the afternoon, I went over to my friend S's who had her two pre-teen grandchildren with her for the day. I was going to pass on the visit until I heard that a puppy was there. Her granddaughter has a 12 week mix, labrador retriever and Saint Bernard which was the runt of the litter. Cash is his name and he worships S's granddaughter and follows here everywhere, but is also very mellow. He is going to be a smart dog as he can already sit on demand, but he is going to be big!

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