Sunday, February 22, 2015

2/22 Photo Goals

Photography Goals
2/22 Photograph Looking Forward
Goals / Progressing / Leading

The theme for this week is looking forward, not sure where it will go, however, today's instructions were to look back at the year and the photos that I have taken. In reviewing the photos, question what I want to accomplish and be proud of how much I have grown. There are so many technical photos in my year and I would like to get shots with better lighting and include more people. The quote popped up on my twitter feed today from Light Stalking and I thought it was appropriate to add it to today's photograph. 

The flickr challenge this week is going to be interesting, "Rat's Eye View" getting the camera down to ground level. This picture is of the snowboard and boots that my son was going to use last night until he changed his mind to skiing instead. Meanwhile, the snowboard and boots are still by the door.

Today, after a quick walk, I went back to watching Downton Abbey while my husband was off enjoying a wonderful morning of powder skiing. The show is addicting and I am glad that I started watching it while there are a few seasons available. 
53/365 Floor View of Snowboard and Boots

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