Saturday, February 21, 2015

2/21 Photograph Indistinct

Blah Kind of Day to Make Soup
2/21 Photograph Indistinct
Out of Focus / Edited / Hazy

Today's email prompt included a video about using an iPhone
 app called Big Lens to bug the background and create bokeh. Fighting off a sinus headache so I made a big pot of cabbage soup. All those colorful vegetables created a subject for today's photo. I tried the app on another photo that had a finer edge and it was difficult working with the edging using my finger, but it was fun with the larger cabbage. 

We got more snow today, just as predicted and without any melting, we have huge snow banks in the yard. If we had this epic snow when the boys were younger, there would be snow tunnels and forts through out the yard. #2 and my husband went off skiing this evening to enjoy the fresh powder. After they left, I got out my knitting and restarted another cowl while making sure that I had the stitches lined up correctly. No twists occurred and I happily knitted by the fire as I started watching Downton Abbey. I watched almost the entire first season and am hooked.

For the Flickr photo, I used the iPad as a soft box for extra light with the fork reflection. Then I tried a flower which really made it bright. With all the white of winter, the vegetable colors and flowers add brightness to the blog today.

Clean roof = Happy homeowner

Snowbanks higher than the porch
Flickr 52/365 Fork Reflection

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