Friday, February 20, 2015

2/20 Colored Bokeh

Colored Pencil Bokeh
2/20 Photograph Colored Bokeh
Blur / Dyed / Hue

Today I worked as a "Gal Friday" helping out with copying and putting together packets for a friend. Usually, I try to get outside bokeh for bokeh/depth of field pictures but since I didn't get home till later, I pulled out the colored pencils to create a colorful background. The above is what I picked for the picture of the day. For the flickr picture, it was a cat that made it as the picture of the day.

As I was working, we hired a contractor to come over to shovel the roof. With large ice forming at the roof edge, we were worried about the forecast of heavier, wet snow in the forecast. When I got home, all the snow was off the roof and the walkways were cleaned. 
51/365 Life of a Cat

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