Thursday, February 19, 2015

2/19 Valentine Flower Singled Out

Last of the Valentine Flowers- Outside 
2/19 Photograph Isolate It
Remove / Single Out / Detach

After another 3 inches or so of snow, it was a beautiful morning here with the sun out. The wind was blowing the snow off the branches so I took this flower and put it on top of the porch bannister. A macro lens was used to get the details of the flower with blurred white background. The picture was taken early today which was a good thing for the backlighting since the later morning became cloudy with snow flurries.The good news is that the snow is melting off the roof, the bad news is that there is plenty of snow up there. 
With the sun on the roof, I went back out with the roof rake to pull even more snow off the roof since there is a wetter snow in the forecast for Sunday. I did break down
and call a contractor to come over tomorrow and shovel off our back roof. It is melting, but I am worried about the weight and ice dams.  No walk or snowshoeing for today, raking was the cardio exercise for the day. This picture doesn't do the amount of snow justice, there is about 2 feet of packed snow 3 feet from the rake. In the back yard, I can almost touch the roof of the porch from a snow pile by the back deck.

In the afternoon, I went on a job interview for a sales/customer service job for a vacation related software. If I get the job, it will be about 6 weeks of training in NH and I would be able to work from home/Florida. Would be nice to be working again, there's just so many loaves of bread I can be making each day. I don't want to say much more about it to avoid jinxing my chances. However, I would like the flexibility of the position and know that I can learn technology quickly, plus it would avoid having to work temp jobs.

By the time, I got home, I had not taken a photo for Flicker and thought first of the clementine but since I had done the salad yesterday, it was a no go. However, once I had the tea going, I thought the reflections on the tea kettle with the cup was a nice, homey shot. I liked all the lines in the picture.

50/365 Tea kettles Reflection

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