Wednesday, February 18, 2015

2/18 Photograph XOXO

No XOXO Here, Just a lot of IIII
2/18 Photograph XOXO
Tic - Tac - Toe / Love / Heart

I almost got out the Ball and Jacks that one of my sons received for Christmas, however then the picture would have just been about a set up and to get the recommended focal prompt for today's prompt. Instead, I went outside in the yard to see what I could find for depth of filed and focal point.  These pine needles are one of many that are dotting our yard right now. Because the snow is so deep, I did not have to lay on the ground to get this shot. Another choice could have been the lilac branch with buds, yes, that's right, amid all this snow there are visible buds on the branches. 

Then, I could have used this picture of Stash where he is so big while lounging that I can get his nose in focus with an out of focused paw. In all of the photos today, I used On One Perfect Suite 9 to process the photos. I am such a geek that while I was making dinner, I listened/watched a video cast on hints and tricks for the program.  It's a program that I can use to fix and enhance photos. 
Flickr 49/365 It's all about the colorful vegetables for the salad today.

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