Tuesday, February 17, 2015

2/17 Large Cup of Hot Chocolate

Large Cup of Hot Chocolate
2/17 Photograph Wide
Step Back / Expanded / Vast

This was a fun shot to do today and it was a new skill that I hadn't done before. I had a willing subject and a cute mug. There was some kitchen cleaning that went on to get the shot and then I moved to the other side of the kitchen. When I first started, I had not dropped the aperture to it's lowest and there was quite a difference from f/5.6 to f/3.5 with the background depth of field. I also noticed that once I got closer to the subject, the background blurred even more. And wasn't I lucky to have such a willing subject today?

Top picture f/5.6, 18 mm and bottom f3.5, 23 mm

#2 was home because he got rear-ended last night while trying to stop at a stop light. Of course, it's a new car, but he did great and avoided a bigger impact by pulling into the empty left lane while the person behind him was not so lucky. He did not have any visible damage, but still took it in today to have it checked out. Everything was fine and he is relieved, still kind of scary to have happen.

Went over to my friend S's today for lunch and finished knitting a cowl. Unfortunately, the stitches twisted on the needle and I now have a twisted (warm) cowl. I do have another skein and will be able to make another cowl  to go with the hat. Just crazy that I twisted the initial row and S thought I was going crazy trying to untwist it. Now that I know how easy it is to twist such lightweight yarn, I just have to pay attention to the first row without any distractions.

Dinner tonight was a new macaroni and cheese recipe that my friend T had told me about. I took her recipe and found a copy of it online, Deluxe macaroni and cheese. I lightened it by using light sour cream, 1% cottage cheese, more pasta and a head of broccoli. It was a super, simple recipe and I topped it with parmesan cheese and crushed ritz bacon flavored crackers.  Easier than the skinny taste recipe but I always have the ingredients for the skinny taste recipe on hand.  Seems like a lot of food for three, but the guys end up with lunch for two days.

48/365 Flickr - Drive way reflection #2

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