Thursday, February 12, 2015

2/11 Cozy

 Cozy Cats
2/11 Photograph Cozy
Intimate / Snug / Warm

Were you wondering when the obligatory cat photo was going to appear this week? They aren't just getting a random photo on the blog today, but they made it to picture of the day. I came downstairs to three of them cuddling on the couch. That wasn't going to last since the big one on the right is such a pain in the morning, he starts the day off skittish and takes off when he sees us. Getting a picture of all three of them isn't easy and it's even rarer to get the fourth one in a shot. Plus, it's hard to focus when the black cats are in the picture, because with automatic focusing, the black fur doesn't provide a contrast to assist with the focus. 

Obligatory Cat Picture since he didn't make the picture of the day

It was a beautiful, sunny morning here and I took advantage of the snow by going out with a friend to snow shoe in the woods by her house. We were out for about 1.5 hours and went 2.4 miles, which made it  quite a workout. As pretty as it was, I kept telling myself to imagine that it was sand that I was walking through. 

After visiting my friend S who is still housebound with lunch, I went food shopping and bought a cheap bouquet of flowers to have some color in the house. Plus, I thought it would give me something else to take pictures of instead of cats. I used a picture of the purple carnation for the low light shot for today's flickr 365 project photo.
Our snow!

#42 Low Light Flower
Good things to say about snowshoeing.....the sky was blue, good company and one more day closer to spring.

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