Sunday, January 04, 2015

1/4 Me, Myself and I

Me, Myself and I
1/4 Photograph A Reflection
In the Mirror / View / Impression

No large mirror or tripod to use for today's prompt and since the suggestion had a photoshop element in the reflection, I thought of another view to make for today. My husband and brother were off skiing in about 8 inches of fresh powder which gave me plenty of time to experiment.

I set up the camera on a cabinet atop a speaker and used a manual focus along with a 10 second timer  to take multiple pictures of me around the table. The aperture was set at f/13 to have more in focus with meant that light became a factor due to the smaller opening.  To avoid using a flash which would have created highlights and shadows,  a slow shutter speed of 2.5 sec was used to even out the lighting throughout the picture from the two windows.  I then brought all three images into photoshop elements and placed the on top of each other as three separate layers. A mask was used on the top two layers to "erase'' down to the next image. They were then merged and I now had some "friends" hanging out with me. Looking at it, I guess I could have had another in the seat by the window, another time. The hardest part of the whole project was getting to a spot and remaining still during the shot. 
Sunday Morning Treat (4/365)
After all that work, it was time for another cup of coffee and cookies which became another 365 photo for the day, plus a #mystillSundaycompetition instagram photo. The photo was brought into Photoshop elements along with two textures from I think by this time, it was about my third cup of coffee. After all that caffeine and sugar, I got dishes put away, packing down and did a 25 second plank.

The skiing was great and after picking up my brother and husband, we had a quick lunch of left over prime rib with gravy over fried, cheesy mashed potatoes. We were then off to home since the really wet weather went to the west of us. It was weird to drive through Franconia notch where there was hardly any new snow at the beginning and ground showing on Cannon,  to piled up snow on the south side. We had a foggy ride home where we had about 3-4 inches of snow with an ice layer on top. Pretty to look at? No, not anymore, since I see branches loaded down with ice ready to break. Except for maybe our outside Christmas tree, which still looks pretty with the snow, ice and lights. 

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  1. very clever. didn't think there was a mirror there.


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