Saturday, January 03, 2015

1/3 Beyond the Fence

Beyond the Fence- Open Possibilities
1/3 Photograph Open Possibilities
Potential / Promising / Fresh Start

3/365 Screw Auger Falls Gorge
Instead of skiing, I went on a mini hike with my brother at a State park in Maine for the pictures of the day. Today's prompt suggestion was to include lines in the photo. The wood fence protecting my brother from the gorge fit in well as this fence followed along the cliff for protection. I took this photo from afar as I liked my brother's pensive expression. It wasn't until I got to where he was (actually about 4 feet behind him) that I understood the reason for the pensive look. The picture that I used for the Flicker project365 is of the gorge itself which you can only see the top 1/2 and not the icy cold water running through it. The fence is the only thing holding you back if you slip on the snow.

It was a really cold, raw day with an impending storm coming in for the night. Originally my two sons were going to be with us in Maine for the weekend, but with the weather, that changed. The youngest came up on Friday night and snowboarded Saturday. He left for home by 330 pm to beat the weather and we called our other son to tell him to stay home. The forecast was for snow all night with freezing rain all day Sunday. Not the safest drive to make. 

I am glad that we did the hike when we did because there was only about 6 inches of frozen snow that we could walk on with our boots. With my Yaktrax, I felt safer walking with the camera. I wouldn't want to be up by the fence overlooking the gorge with more snow than what we had. It was beautiful place to visit and I hope to get back there during the summer for a longer hike. 

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