Saturday, January 31, 2015

1/31 1 Month

January started with a Walk and Ends with One
1/31 Photograph One Done
1 Month / Celebrate / Accomplishment

31/365 #7 Abstract- Winter Shadows
Cold today, so cold that the knitted cowl came out to be worn along with a longer jacket for our walk.  We walked on January 1st when there was no snow, now we have about a foot out in the woods. The walk was only a mile since it was so windy and it was good to get out moving even for that short time. And no, I did not make the 60 miles this month, 92% done with 4.5 miles that I was too lazy today to get on the treadmill. I did help with the wood which was the extent of exercise today. 

For the daily CY365 prompt, my husband took this picture.  I had a polarizer filter on because it was so bright out and it makes the colors pop. I like this photo of me, lots of color with an interesting background.  A month of two photos a day, not always easy to do, but I am thinking of the CY365 shot once I read the morning email. If I look at the prompt ahead, I usually get the prompt wrong by reading too much into it. But this year, I would like to branch out more from the prompt when the opportunity is there for other great photos. The flickr shot is something totally different for me most days and I like the weekly challenge as it is a good excuse to be more artistic versus a technical focus. Looking at the the month collage of each 365 project, there is definitely a difference in the subjects. 
Flickr Project 365 January

Captureyour365 January

This afternoon, I pulled out the knitting with the intent to work through the stash of yarn that I have. The first yarn that I am going to use is a mohair lightweight yarn in a pretty green that I had received in a swap. Looking through Ravelry, I found a hat and cowl pattern that look quick and easy. Plus, we can always use more dish rags for all the cotton yarn that I have. Too cold to be outside for long, and with a nice fire going, knitting will keep me off the computer while I work through the stash of yarn. 

This morning, the birds were taunting me! I was by the door getting some shots and when I left, the cardinals came. But they are so skittish, that the movement in the house makes them fly away. At least I know that they are coming to the feeder, so there is always another day. 
While the cats sleep by the window, they miss all this activity.

One of the colder days for a walk

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  1. when it's that cold you should cover mouth and nose loosely, tough on the lungs


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