Friday, January 30, 2015

1/30 Goal

Goal: Learn to Use External Flash
1/30 Photograph Commitment
Promise / Guarantee / Goal

The intent for today was to go skiing, but it was snowing with the temperature hovering around freezing which meant wet snow. Basically, my son and I were too lazy to go. Out of the whole family, we are more the golfers than the skiers. I used the time to review the manual again for my external flash after I had watched some how-to videos last night. At least I learned that I can use this flash as an external slave flash off the camera while using the on board flash. Now I really want to learn how to use the flash in the manual, AV and TV mode on the camera. I just have to find more videos to watch. I can use it in program or Auto, but would like to learn the trick to use it on the manual modes. 

30/365 #6 Abstract - Backyard Snow
There really wasn't a lot of snow, by the time we went out to clear the driveway, deck and walkways, we had about 3 - 4 inches.  At the time that I took the abstract photo, it was snowing heavily. The flakes were big and fluffy, so once again, I tried to get the elusive picture of a snow flake. I am not too sure about that goal. 

It was a good day for soup and I made the Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla soup again. Love that soup and it's even better over avocado. I added more soups to my pinterest board along with a Buffalo Chicken pizza recipe that looks very easy to make. Looking around Pinterest can take awhile, but at least I found photography videos worth saving along with a bunch of recipes. 

Not much else going on around here. I ended up on the treadmill today catching up on Forever and running during the commercials. Always a treat to get off the treadmill with a bit of motion sickness. I would rather be outside walking. The snow blowing only gives me .75 miles for a walking distance. Tomorrow, I will have to get 6 miles in someway or another to get to my goal of 60 miles for the month!

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