Thursday, January 29, 2015

1/29 Tied Scarves

Tied Scarves and a Cat Photobomb
1/29 Photograph Tethered
Bind / Tied / Restrained

I wasn't sure where I was going to go with this prompt until I got downstairs and saw my apron hanging from the night before. It didn't have to be rope, just something tied. I went from the apron
hanging to get the tie to a scarf around my neck to a group of scarves. I have a lot of scarves because when I travel, I forget to bring one with me and end up buying one. London, Germany and Chicago are represented along with a couple of hand made scarves.  I ended up picking the picture above because I liked the lighting and the cat was in focus.

For the abstract photo, we have huge icicles hanging from our porch that I could take close up shots. Up close, you can't really tell that it's ice and I added a filter to the photo in Perfect Photo Suite.
Original ice photo

Kind of a lazy day, I should have gone out for a walk but got a late start and went food shopping, talked to youngest son for about an hour and then it was time to make supper. Tonight we had spaghetti squash with chicken sausage that had feta cheese and spinach along with onions, peppers and tomato sauce. Topped it with cheddar and parmesan cheese and baked for about 20 minutes. It was a hit and it was gone.
29/365  Abstract # 5

Knots and Cat photo bombing

Obligatory Cat Photo

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