Friday, January 02, 2015

1/2 Resolve to be Organized

 Resolve to be Organized for Calendars Next Christmas
1/2 Photograph Think Over
Consider / Envision / Resolve

2/365 Calendar Organization 
Last year the resolution was to exercise more which I did by walking a lot of miles. Officially for 2014 on Runkeeper, I had walked 435 miles but that was without measuring miles from June-August. This year after spending more hours than I should have in December working on calendars, I envision working on saving pictures throughout the year to make collages ahead of the last minute in December. After making the first two calendars in Shutterfly, I discovered that I could make my own collages in  PSE10 and upload them as JPGs to Shutterfly. Making the collages in another program provided me with more freedom in sizing the pictures.

Lightroom is a big help for photo organization and if I can just stay on top of it during the year, the month of December will be easier. Maybe I will scan more photos? All it takes is time.

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