Tuesday, January 27, 2015

1/27 Nourishing

Homemade Cinnamon Raisin Bread
1/27 Photograph Nourishing
Filling / Healthy / Wholesome

The prompt for today had instructions to take a picture fro a different angle. This bread picture was taken with me on my knees in the kitchen to get a head on shot. I made the bread last night just because cinnamon raisin bread sounded good for a snow day. We had a blizzard prediction for the day and everything was closed in the state as we all hunkered down for what turned out to be about 14 inches of snow for us. The flickr photo for today is a shot out the back porch window with snow piled on the window sill and falling snow in the bacground. 
27/365 Flickr Snow Abstract

I decided that I wasn't going to spend the day on the computer and finished off a pair of knitted mittens that I started 2 years ago. I wasn't sure what row and just winged it. I knitted while catching up with a couple of tv shows on demand. The white yarn is called thrum and it's natural wool which I have misplaced, I will probably find it tomorrow since I think one of the cats may have found it and thought it was a toy. I had just enough cut to finish the mitten. The ends stick out inside the mitten and add another layer of warmth.

Around 4 PM we went out to snowplow/shovel the snow and ran into a problem with the snowblower. With over a foot of snow, it was discouraging to start the snowblower and have it stall when we engaged the auger. We called a neighbor to ask for help with the driveway and when I went back out and looked at the snowblower, acting like I knew what I was doing, I asked if it was possible to be frozen since there was ice near the blades. We got some hot water and poured it in near the blades and voila, it worked! We dodged an expensive bullet on that one and got the driveway done. While out there, it snowed another 1 - 2 inches, but at least it was light and fluffy!

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