Wednesday, December 31, 2014

12/31 Party Time

New Year Back Yard Fire Works
12/31 Photograph Party
Celebration / Shindig / Bash

365 photos completed for 2014! Definitely a reason for a celebration! The only month that I found hard was the last month, but I managed to have a photo for each day. More about 2015 plans in my 1/1/2015 post. Without a tripod, freezing temps and being on a deck so close to the action, I am very pleased with this shot for the last CY365 photo of 2014.

Another very cold day and I was so glad that the annual bonfire New Year's party was going to be held indoors. No snow on the ground and with a forecast of 11 degrees, it was just a better idea to not have a the bonfire. Even our cats were cold and hanging out by the wood stove today. Whenever we go near the stove to add wood, the sound of the door opening is like the sound of a can opener on a tuna can, one of them comes running for attention. 
With the cold weather, I really did not want to go outside, but my friend C from the lab sent a message for a walk and I made the right decision. I did go for another longer walk which was good considering all the food that I managed to try at the party. 

Today, I updated the operating system for the Mac to OSx Yosemite which took awhile. After reading some of the reviews, I wasn't sure how it would go and right now, I can say that I like it for integration with the iPhone and iPad. Plus, I had to upgrade for a new photo editing program that I would like to try and there always seem to be a point where software is made for the newer operating systems and won't work with what you have. 

We had fun at the party tonight and stayed till Midnight! That doesn't happen often!
Seriously, I am looking at my phone? But not looking at messages, just checking the photo I had just taken.

Happy New Year! 

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