Thursday, January 01, 2015

1/1 New Year, New Goals

New Year, New Goals
CY365 1/1 Photograph Good Morning 2015
New Year / New Day / New Goals

365 Project 1/365 - Winter Woods 

New Year, new goals for photography but first I had to get some tylenol for the headache that I woke up with this morning. Nope, no hangover, only one alcoholic beverage last night since I must have known that I was fighting something. 

I thought it was appropriate to have my husband in the picture since he has been so supportive this past year in my 365 project, either as a subject, helping me pick out a picture for the day or just stopping the car for a shot. But sometimes when I set up a shot for the prompt, it's not as spontaneous as it may look. To illustrate the process, I included a graphic below. (And yes, most of the time, my husband demonstrates a lot of patience.)

This year, I am going to do two 365 projects. One is going to be with the CY365 group and I will do the best I can with the prompts, but will jump around through the month as needed. I am not going to get myself worked up on what the prompt is for that day, but what may be easier another time during the month. Plus, I want to include more people in my shots. The other project is going to be through Flickr where there is a weekly theme for the week. This week's theme is Introduce yourself and I am going to just have fun with this group's prompts, perhaps more artistic shots? This was the scene in our community woods this afternoon, a wintry sun with barely any snow among the trees. 

The ugly, bad shots that don't make it, along with the reason why.

No snow compared to last year at this time. 1/4 of us is pretty happy about that! After the walk, we went back to our friends' house to have a lunch New Year's Eve leftovers and we all were ready to plant ourselves on couches, either for naps, computer work or football. Not a bad start to 2015, except for the cold I caught.

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