Wednesday, December 31, 2014

12/30 Cozy Indulgences

Winter Afternoon Cozy Indulgences
1/30 Photograph Cozy Indulgences
Allowance / Treating / Favor

1st shot- Crooked and blown out flames.
I went out walking at 9 AM and it was so freaking, cold. My neighbor and her dog weren't out, so R and did the long loop. Multiple layers were worn, except I should have had long johns on since my thighs ended up being the coldest part after the walk. I set up the pictures for the prompt early because I had the fire going the minute I came home from the walk. It is a set up picture since I haven't started the book yet, but am looking forward to this weekend when I will have a lot of time to read. ( Thank you KR!) The tea was hot though and some of those chocolate kisses were eaten, not many though! ( 1 Chocolate kiss = 22 calories)

My first shot did not include my feet and I had to play with the settings to get the flames just right.
The light of the flames can get blown out and I wanted the flames to be identifiable. Of course I had an annoying cat get in my way a couple of times until he eventually laid down away from my shot.

Another day of two walks to help me get to my goal of 60 miles walked for the month of January. My friend L thinks I should have more intensity to my workouts, so we ran up a hill in the woods in the afternoon. On the list of activities that I did yesterday, that wouldn't be at the top!

One more day for 2014 Capturing My 365! In the meantime, I am still playing with the texture photos that I have seen recommended for the iphone/ipad. This is a photo that I posted on Instagram yesterday, yes, too much time in Florida, I am cold here!

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