Sunday, January 18, 2015

1/18 Sunrise Harmony

River Sunrise
1/18 Photograph Balance
Proportion / Harmony / Equality

This photo was picked for the photo of the day because I thought the clouds and the land were balanced. It was another beautiful start to the day before I brought my brother to the airport for his flight home. I also took photos with my iPhone before the above shot which look very different while also including the moon.
Iphone photo of sunrise

After my ride to the airport, I stopped by the beach after a walk down the causeway. These poor birds were being chased by a little boy which always bothers me, I am not sure why the birds can't be left alone. It wasn't a busy day at the beach because of the weather, so there was no reason why they were being chased. 

18/365 Birds on The Beach 

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