Saturday, January 17, 2015

1/17 Powdery

Powdered Snow
1/17 Photograph Powdery
Fine / Dusty / Loose 

Powdered snow
Another shot taken last week for the prompt. It doesn't really look like powder because the shutter speed was so slow, more like a river of white. My husband was a good egg to throw snow up in the air multiple times after a morning of skiing. This looks more like powder, but nothing else of interest to make it a photo of the day. 

Last hole for the morning

And after being in Florida for 5 days, can't say that I missed the white stuff. Today was going to be our second golf marathon day except by the time we got to the second course, it was packed. We ended up being a twosome among foursomes, and nobody was moving fast. After each shot, there was a long waiting period and after 1 hour for 3 holes and rude golfers in front of us, we called it a done day at Camp Golf. Luckily, the course did give us a rain check for the full amount. Unlike yesterday, there was no way we were even going to get close to finishing 18 holes before sunset.

17/365 Golf in the Early Morning

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