Friday, January 16, 2015

1/16 Snowflake

Attempt at Photographing Snowflakes
1/16 Photograph a Snowflake
Weather / Decor / Shape

No, this shot was definitely not taken on 1/16, but one of the get ahead shots for the prompts while I was away. To really be able to take snow flake photos, I will need to add an extension tube to my lens and it's not anything that I want to get into for now. This is a magnified shot of snow on a branch. 

Today at "golf camp", we golfed 36 holes. It was a chilly day and the first time that I had to put on fleece while in Florida. My brother and I went inland to play at another course for an afternoon deal and golfed with a man who was a retired pilot. He was helpful in our shot set ups and we had a good time with just managing to finish up after the beautiful sunset. 

16/365 Flickr Picture of the Day - Sunset on the Golf Course

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