Thursday, January 15, 2015

1/15 Candid Crab

Candid Crab

1/15 Photograph First Taste
Preface / Candid / New Interests

After an early morning tee time while my brother took a nap, I went to the beach to get a walk in. (The goal for January is 60 miles and I had to make up for taking a cart golfing) It was high tide and I ended up walking in bare feet because the sand was so soft. I saw this crab near the end of the walk and used this shot for the candid prompt. With all the holes that are on the beach, seeing one this big is rare for me. My first shot of him was with him covered in sand, a long wave took care of that mess. Maybe that's what took off his missing leg?

15/365 Sunrise on the Golf Course

Edited IPhone phone of Sunrise with stackablesapp
Cocoa Beach to the South

1/15 Beach Walk Scenes

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