Monday, December 01, 2014

The End of the Month

Morning Coffee to Go
11/28 Give Thanks for Traditions
Custom / Habit / Culture

After another night without power, we woke up to this pretty scene as we headed out to Dunkins for our morning coffee. The phones needed to be charged and we wanted to see what was going on beyond our front yard. It was good to see a few utility crews from New Brunswick in our area, giving us hope that electricity would be on that day. As expected, Dunkins was very busy! There are years where we put up our tree right after Thanksgiving when our oldest is home and initially, we thought we put it up early again.  However, we decided to hold off on getting our Christmas tree because our youngest was heading back to his apartment for heat and internet! Just to watch football and get warm, we went to a restaurant to watch some of the Iowa football game because being home without football was boring for some in the family. 
Snow wasn't melting!

I did have a photo shoot of three young boys for a Christmas card photo where I took a bunch of shots, but I am not sure if any will be okay since the youngest wouldn't put on mittens and didn't like the cold. He will figure it out. 

Our power finally came on around 4 PM and we quickly got our dishes/pans cleaned from the day before. We were cautiously optimistic that the power would stay on and it did! Our biggest surprise was that we had cable by 9 PM. Even with cable on, my husband and I kept up our skippo playing with an audience.

Farm in the Winter
11/29 Give Thanks for An Early Start
Get Ahead / Kick off / Proactive

This prompt suggestion was all about early Christmas cooking, which wasn't going to happen for me. We had too many errands to do in the morning after our walk in the woods with friends. There was still cleaning to be done and work to be caught up on the computers. Our friends from Chicago stopped by since they are in town to visit family and it was a nice visit.

Getting Ready for The Holidays
11/30 Give Thanks for The Holiday Season
Decorations / Festivities / Celebration

Today while my husband was off skiing, I cleaned more of the house and then got out the Christmas decorations. These are from my mother-law's decorations and it's nice to have those memories. I would post more pictures of the decorated house, but I am going to save them for later on this month. It seems that most of the December prompts are going to be holiday related and since I am heading back to Florida soon, there won't be any there!  I got my shelves set up and our little trees are decorated. 

My husband came home from skiing and thought he was going to relax until he found out that I had other plans for him. He got to relax(?) later on at our friends where we had a mini potluck dinner during the game. 

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