Tuesday, December 02, 2014

12/1 Christmas Bell

Christmas Bell
12/1 Photograph With Bells On
Decorations / Tradition / Ringing

The list is up for December for Captureyour365 and after today, it's going to be difficult to get decoration shots. I did more than just this photo above to hopefully have some photos in the "bank"for the holiday prompts. One of the suggestions for today's prompt was to photograph red, which I thought this one photo below was too much red. 

I also did a texture photo for a simple, "my stillSunday competition" on Instagram hosted by KimKlassen.com..
After a week of holiday eating, a simple bowl of oatmeal with fruit is all I wanted for breakfast. The dunkin donuts for breakfast was not really a treat over the weekend.

It was a busy day getting my out-of-state Christmas shopping done and then wrapped to be sent out to Iowa. While out, I picked up a couple of candles to replace what we used last week. I ended up with two hunks of wax since the wicks were missing. They were brought back today and it was funny to me, but would have been embarrassing if I given them as a gift.

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