Sunday, November 30, 2014

11/27 Thanksgiving Thanks

 Thanks for Ingenuity and Family at Thanksgiving
11/27 Give Thanks for Family
Loved Ones / Generations / Children

After a wet snow fall and tree branches on lines all over our area, most of us were without power for the holiday. We pulled off Thanksgiving thanks to ingenuity, a gas grill and lots of tinfoil while the best part was just leaving the dishes. Luckily my sister-in-law had running water in the next town over, where we could prep the turkey, potatoes and string beans in the morning since the stuffing, rolls, pies and squash were done the day before.  I used a tinfoil chafing pan on the grill for the turkey and had small weber tinfoil drip pans that I lined with tinfoil for the stuffing and vegetables. The gravy was made with drippings and then kept warm on top of the sides while the remaining rolls were kept warm by the fire. We had seven for dinner, missing a niece and my oldest but it will go down in our family history as a memorable holiday as we enjoyed each other's company minus the electronics

In the morning, we thought the power might be coming back on until we went outside to see the damage for ourselves. As pretty as it may have looked from afar, the snow on the trees was heavy enough to either break the branches or bend the trees over. We were able to monitor the electric outage map on-line through our phone and read twitter for entertainment. Early in the morning, there were tweets that expressed frustrations with power that were ridiculous including one from a neighborhood next to a hospital where a woman tweeted her displeasure as to why she was without power while the hospital had it. All you had to do was go outside of your house to realize that electricity wasn't going to come back on quickly. We were glad that we went ahead with our dinner which we enjoyed in our candlelit home. The evening was spent in front of the fire playing cards after taking a quick ride to charge our phone batteries.
The picture on the bottom left is the pole in  front of our house!

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