Monday, December 08, 2014

12/7 Holiday Lights at Dusk

Holiday Lights at Dusk
12 /7 Photography Moonlit
Shimmering / Glistening / Radiant

This photo was taken out the kitchen window of the lights hanging on our porch. The colorful bokeh on the bottom is a reflection of the lights I have on our back sitting area overlooking the river. I did have some moon shots, but I like the color of sky in this photo.
Moon shots from porch window

Today after golfing in the morning, I procrastinated and read a book while waiting for the Patriot's game at night. I was easily distracted by the dolphins and thought that I would get some action shots, but they were just hanging out in the river catching fish and mocking me with occasional lame dives. 

I sat outside on the grass by the water and it was relaxing just watching the dolphins and the birds. It got windy in the afternoon, but that didn't stop the daily, afternoon bird gathering on the lines out front. Each afternoon, I feel like I am in an Alfred Hitchcock remake of the birds. I can hear the birds on the line and it's just like the movie. At least they aren't dive bombing. They are on the line for about 30 minutes and drink from the puddles and then they are gone.

I took another picture for the #mystillsundaycompetition on Instagram and included the bell picture in a simple holiday collage of pictures taken here.

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