Monday, December 08, 2014

12/6 Holiday Parade

Santa on a Firetruck
12/6  Photograph Giving
Gifts / Packgages / Donating

This was suppose to be a self-portrait for today's Captureyour365 prompt and I just went off-prompt since today had other better photo opportunities. I experienced my first Florida holiday parade where there were boats, stuffed alligators, candy thrown to children and a marching band on a float. It was unlike any other holiday parade that I have ever experienced up North. We had fun waiting for the parade to start and made "friends" with two 6th grade girls who shared their candy with us. 

After returning from the parade, I found out that my neighbor was Santa which made today's pick for picture of the day easier. One of the best floats was the local library float throwing out books to the kids, now that's a good way to get rid of the excess books! I love this photo and will use it at some point for a prompt. 
Starting a book at the parade.
All kinds of advertising going on at the parade.

Nothing says Christmas, more than Guinness?

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