Monday, December 08, 2014

12/8 Favorite Ornament

Favorite Ornaments
12/8 Photograph a Favorite Ornament
Yours / Beloved / Cherished

Before I came back to Florida, I had looked at the prompts for the two weeks that I would be away from home and took a few pictures. No bokeh here, just three of my favorite ornaments. These three ornaments are hanging on our two little trees that we keep in our family room that stay up longer than our Christmas tree. I made these ornaments over 30 years ago, the year I got married and looking at them reminds me of a time of hope and dreams. Just looking at the small stitches and remembering when my eyes didn't get tired and when we didn't have iphones, ipads or lap tops and stitched instead during the evening. I hope that when the time comes, that my sons enjoy the ornament's representation of Christmas.

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