Monday, December 29, 2014

12/29 Orange

 Last of the Orange Juice
12/29 Photograph An Orange
Citrus / Fruit / Juice

Always a challenge for the food prompts on whether I have the food. In this case, I knew that we had orange juice, but just not how much. I was lucky in that my sons left me about 6 ounces and I was able to set up an orange juice picture. It gave me practice with the macro lens and I used a couple of books for a make shift tripod.

As of today, I am finally caught up with my blog and I apologize to anyone who is a regular visitor.      ( all 4 of you?) It's all good, I have a chance to work on photography and I have two more days of 365 photos for 2014 and blogging. And even if it's not a cat blog as one infrequent reader would like, it's a blog with a different photo each day.

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