Sunday, December 28, 2014

12/28 Up in the Air

12/28 Photograph Up in The Air
Throw / Airborne / A Flurry

The prompt directions were all about movement in the air and there was nothing fluffy about the snow
on the ground to be able to throw it in the air. The next best thing were the birds at the bird feeder, but with the low light due to the lack of sun, I was unable to increase the shutter speed to catch birds in flight. After going through a bunch of photos that I took, this was the best. I cropped it to zoom in on the bird.

 One of my New Year resolutions is to be brutal in picking photos and to delete, delete and delete photos from my hard drive that aren't worth printing/saving. I will need to go back in my files to take care of what I have already to free up some space. And yes, I have not been keeping up with the blog due to vacation, Christmas and calendar photo collages. My goal is to be caught up by tomorrow night and I am posting them by date so they will be behind this post.

I have 4 more days of this year's 365 project and I have decided to do it again through the Captureyour365 website and also do one on a Flickr group. There will be times when the photo is the same and other times when I just want to try something different for the Flickr group. I am hoping that I get more critical comments than the "I love…." comments that are on the CY365 group.

Tonight, I did try some lighting effects with the camera and the Christmas tree. I used a higher aperture to make the lights have points like stars and then I also used the tripod to make the zoomed out effects.
The zoomed out is just like it sounds, focus with a low ISO, high aperture so you have a longer shutter speed and just zoom out the lens while the shutter is open. Pretty cool effects!

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