Saturday, December 27, 2014

12/27 Winter Garden

Birdhouse Left Behind
12/27 Photograph Ethereal
Celestial / Exquisite / Airy

The poor bird house was left out in the garden and it was the only good focal point that I could find that had snow in the background. The prompt instructions were to make the snow look ethereal by increasing the exposure by a full stop. The processing was done in Lightroom 5 and I like the pop of red color with the negative space of the snow in the background. I think I made it look nice, once I straightened it in the ground. 

I was lucky to have light in the back yard since we went out to look at cars with one of my sons and got back a bit later than expected. It was all good though since he did find something affordable and reliable. We didn't even look at the Chevy dealership since they had plenty of cars but no customer parking. I wonder how that works out for them? We ended up at a dealership where there is no dealing, the price doesn't change and what makes it even nicer is that you can deal with anyone who is available. Looks like he will have a toyota corolla tomorrow and the little white car is driving off into the sunset. 

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