Friday, December 26, 2014

12/26 Keeping Warm

Warmed And Ready to Go
12/26 Photograph Seasonal Attire
The Norm / Traditional / Recurring

The holidays are over and the photo prompts are back to the every day life variety. Considering how warm it has been here, these items just hanging out ready to be worn. We have had temperatures in the high forties here, close to what I was golfing in Florida a few weeks ago! 
In the afternoon, I looked at cars at some dealerships with my son and once the sun went down, it did get much colder. Later on at home, I found a free app, Brushstroke for adding texture and paint effects to iPhone pictures. When I should have been catching up on my blog, I was playing with pictures. 
Golf course

Bike parked in Chicago

Cocoa Beach Pier

NH Fall Woods

Rye Harbor

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