Saturday, November 22, 2014

11/22 Dramatic Skies

Dramatic Sunset Skies
11/22 Give Thanks for Dramatic Skies
Breathtaking / Striking / Impressive

River Sunrise - But not today!
No, your eyes are not deceiving you, I posted this picture in the post about the number 4 earlier this week. I had great intentions to get a beach sunrise photo since my husband had to be at the airport by 6:30 and even though I would have missed the actual sunrise, I thought I would have gotten some dramatic skies. However, today was a misty, gray day here in Florida and there wasn't even a sunset shot to be had which meant I had to pick a shot taken earlier this week. The prompt was for a phone shot and luckily I had this one already and cropped it from a square to a 2x3 print. I was happy to use it, because I like the birds on the top of the fence, the cart path through the photo and the dramatic cloud formations. 

We have had beautiful sunrises which I have a front row seat through our large porch window, but it figures that the one day where the prompt is for dramatic, I get gray. I didn't get out once I came back from the airport and food shopping.  After doing a little bit of housework including some reorganizing of drawers/shelves, I got caught up on some of my favorite tv shows that I have missed including The Good Wife and Newsroom while knitting a dishcloth.  Luckily, I can watch HBO shows on the iPad where I watched Newsroom, by far one of my all time favorite series. The acting is excellent and the story lines are timely. I am sad that it is in the last season! Then I was switching between two football games, Iowa lost and UNH moves on in the playoffs by beating Maine before I finally ate a quick supper of a yogurt smoothie with frozen pineapple, banana, orange juice and vanilla yogurt. A light meal only because I bought some Pepperidge Farm cookies which may or may not make till tomorrow…

Cocoa Beach
I was "tagged" by my friend Sandy on Facebook in a Black and White photo challenge which means five days of posting a black and white photo on Facebook and challenging others. This morning when I was getting caught up with the blog, I also went ahead and got my photos ready for the next five days. When picking the pictures, I tried to pick those that had good contrasts and textures. I do like how they came out. Which one do you like and why? ( You can post anon below) And anytime you want to see the pictures larger, you just have to click on the picture. 

St. Augustine Waterfront

Beach Walk
Surfer by the Pier ( Thank you K for paying the Buck to go out on the pier….)

Thanksgiving Vegetables

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