Saturday, November 22, 2014

11/21 The Unpredictable

Sunflare on the Golf Course
11/ 21 Give Thanks for the Unpredictable
Random / Erratic / Surprising

Today's prompt was looking for a sun flare and I used this picture from last week. The weather this week has been cloudy and cool after our storm on Tuesday, no sun flares. 

Today we golfed non-stop, 7 AM tee time for 18, lunch at home and then back to the course at 1 PM for another 18. After the last 18 it was 3:40 PM and we had just enough time to golf another 9, but this time my husband and I golfed a best ball scramble to get done before it was dark. We did use a cart all day, which was a good break after being on our feet the whole day before at Disney.  My husband golfed his best and my score was respectable. On our scramble, we ended up 6 over which we attributed to being rushed by the daylight. I did bring my camera along for the afternoon golf and even though there were no sun flares, I did get a couple of good shots. You can never predict what you will see on the golf course for birds and animals. 

Osprey in flight (aka killing bird…)

Just checking us out

Too cold to be out, but has his eye out for us

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