Wednesday, November 19, 2014

#4 - Of Course It's all about the Golf

11/19 # 4 of 27 holes today
Give Thanks for the Number 4
Aperture / GPA / Street

I could have included a picture of my 4 hybrid club since I was finally able to hit it today. These numbers under 18 seem kind of easy when I am golfing! Today since we walked all 27 holes, I did not have the DSLR with me and relied on my iPhone for today's picture. The picture to the left is our route on the golf course and I like that it is mostly straight, not too much military golf going on. 

We did did not start golfing until after 12 pm because of the weather. As it was, I was over dressed and took off a layer after the first hole. The wind was more of a factor than the temperature, and we walked the last nine because it is just warmer than being in a cart. We walked the Lakes course twice and then walked the River at the end. I wasn't sure if we would finish before dark since we started the last nine after 3:30 PM. For me, it was a great afternoon of golf, I think my husband would have liked a better putting day. The shot of me is after I hit my drive into a sand bunker and then used my 4 hybrid to get it on the green.  I may not be the most stylish golfer out there, but I had a great time!
We had an audience on the last hole!

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