Saturday, November 22, 2014

11/20 Partners in the Happiest Place

In the Happiest Place?
11/20 Give Thanks for Companions
Animals / Friends / Partners

We used our last passes for Disney on Thursday of this week. The temperature was suppose to be in the seventies but it seemed to be barely in the sixties. I was taking the obligatory picture of my husband in front of the castle when another tourist offered to take our picture. The picture came out good and check, it's done. We joke about families visiting  Disney since the flights we take to Orlando have plenty of young families going and after our visit, we decided that we were glad to not have a toddler or baby with us. How relaxing of a vacation can that be? We decided that a child needs to be able to read so they can enjoy and remember. Considering it was November, there were a lot of kids and strollers everywhere. By four it wasn't the happiest place in the world for many of the guests when  exhaustion had set in. There were fireworks in Epcot at 9 pm, but we left by 7 pm because we were cold and tired. My favorite part of the day was the dolphin training demonstration in Epcot and Marc enjoyed the rides. He especially liked being the first in line at Space mountain when we happened to be there at the right time when the ride re-opened. 

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