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10-22 to 10-31 - Why did I wait so long to update?

9 + 4 + 7 = 20
10/22 Photograph #20
Marker / Sign / Unit

While shopping for a bedspread, my friend and I were looking at the prints and frames when I saw these dice pasted to a board behind a frame. We thought our pictures would be a better choice versus the dice. I then added the dice, got 20, added again and got the same result. Here is my 20 for the day. If you look closely, there's my shadow.

Where I Stand On a Cold, Damp NH Day
10/23 Photograph Where I Stand
Look Down / No Socks / Patio

It was a cold and dreary day during a northeaster kind of day where yoga pants were the fashion statement for the day. I do like the contrast of my colorful new sneakers against the wet, brown oak leaves on my back deck.

Getting Ready for Halloween
10/24 Photograph Sweets
Treat / Candy / Confection

I wasn't home to hand out the Halloween candy so I got it all together for my son and husband to hand out. Of course I checked out the M&Ms to make sure they were okay. I had fun with some free fonts and graphics in photoshop elements to make this shot a little bit spookier.

Raking Fun (Off- Prompt)
10/25 Photograph Costumed
Garb / Guise / Style

True conversation: Me: "I don't remember raking last year, we must not have had a lot of leaves."Husband: " You weren't here, you were in Florida."
I am heading out tomorrow for Florida and leaving the leaves to my husband again if he decides to put the rake down and rake! I did do some raking last weekend, but thanks to the rain, there are more left for my husband. The exercise will be good for him and at least he makes it fun. I goes you could say he has style while raking.

True On The Road Selfie
10/26 Photograph Drive By
Pass By / On the Side / Outside

I was too busy driving to take photos outside the car and I thought this would be a fun picture for our road trip. The iPhone 6 takes great pictures and I have more than enough apps to edit the shots. My sister in law and I left Massachusetts at 5 AM and we were through 4 states already when we hit Delaware at 10:54 AM. We lucked out with great weather and excellent traffic conditions. We made it to Florence, South Carolina by 6:30 that night. 

 Savannah Visit
10/27 Photograph My Week
My Calendar / My Everyday / My Details

This week started with me on a road trip south. I guess to follow the theme for the day, I could have taken a picture of the dashboard of my car, but with all the colors of Savannah, why?
Today we are in Savannah where we enjoyed beautiful, warm weather and ice cream at Leopolds while touring the city. My son graduated from SCAD a year ago and it was fun to show my sister in law the sites and to get the best shrimp grits ever!!

Savannah Courtyard
10/28 Photograph Gray
Drab / Clouded / Dappled

In this gray carriage house behind the Sorrel Weed house in Savannah, there is a ghost, or so they say….
My son and I took the tour six years ago after we saw that this house had been on the Ghost Hunters show. Today, I took this shot of the gray carriage house through the fence. I just love all the different terraces, balconies and gardens throughout the historic district of Savannah. 

It was our last day here as we on the road again. Hopefully I will stop in Savannah again since I just can't stay away from all those praline samples along with the shrimp grits.

Spooky Cocktail Waitress
10/29 Photograph Spooky
Ghostly / Mysterious / Creepy

We spent the afternoon walking around the historic district of St. Augustine after checking into our Bed and Breakfast which overlooked the bay. And yes, we of course had a Martini at the Tiny Martini bar where we were staying. The next day we took the trolley tour after going in the oldest store of America. I have to admit, the store tour was very cool with some interesting, authentic items. We had too much to do to work out the ghost picture since today's prompt came with instructions for how to take a picture with a ghostly apparition and I would like to do that someday. For now this picture is spooky enough with some post processing to make it even spookier.  

Follow these steps to capture a ghost at your house:
  1. a tripod or solid surface
  2. shutter priority mode
  3. ISO 100
  4. shutter speed of 10 seconds
  5. have your subject get in place
  6. push the shutter
  7. after 5 seconds have your subject leave the frame
  8. the shutter will close after 5 more seconds
  9. check your results
 St. Augustine
Turkey Vulture
10/30 Photograph Raven
Bird / Omen / Pitch

I saw this prompt in the middle of the day and probably could have gotten a picture of a crow while golfing in the morning. This is the grossest bird I have ever seen on the beach here in Florida. I had to look it up on line to figure out that it was a Turkey Vulture. He was enjoying a bunch of fish heads that were on the beach. 

Ready for Halloween at the Condo
10/31 Photograph the Loot
Reward / Booty / Spoils

Halloween in Florida is different, there are no leaves rustling in the streets, people can go out as mermaids and not put on two more layers and it's a family night out. This Halloween fell on a Friday night where there was also a football game going on, so there weren't as many people out. On our walk home from my Aunt's we saw the neighbor's cat patiently waiting for more trick or treaters.   Two pictures of candy for Halloween from both my homes, can you tell what my favorite candy is? 

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